FD ProAm from ZMAX 2013

In 2013 I was able to travel with a ProAm team to a few events to take pictures of all the action. It was a summer of long road trips, lots of tire smoke and tons of fun. These shots are from ZMAX raceway July 13, 2013.

Alex Warm-up
Alex Youe
Ben Lewallen
Ben Lewallen
Alec Hohnadel 2
Alec Hohnadell
Alex Slide (2)
Alex Youe
Alex Slide
Alex Youe
Alex Solo 2
Alex Youe
Alex solo 3
Alex Youe
Alex Solo
Alex Youe
Alex Warm up 2
Alex Youe
Alex Warmup Smoke
Alex Youe
Alex Youe
Alex Youe
Ben Burnout (2)
Ben Lewallen
Ben Burnout
Ben Lewallen
Ben Lewallen portrait
Ben Lewallen
Ben Spin
Ben Lewallen
Ben Wall
Ben Lewallen

Black s13 smokeblack s13

Ewerth Burnout
Ron Ewerth
Ewerth Drift
Ron Ewerth
Hohnadel Wall
Alec Hohnadell
Lewallen Angle
Ben Lewallen
Lewallen Slide
Ben Lewallen
Lizadri Drift
Luis Lizardi
Lizadri Solo
Luis Lizardi
Lizardi big angle
Luis Lizardi
Lizardi Clipping Point
Luis Lizardi
Lizardi Follow
Luis Lizardi
Lizardi Lead 2
Luis Lizardi
Lizardi lead
Luis Lizardi
Ron Ewerth
Ron Ewerth

Standard solo run

Tire shreds on Alex's wrap
Tire shreds on Alex Youe’s s14
Alex Lead
Alex Youe
Alex K&N
Alex Youe
Alex Drift
Alex Youe
Alex burnout3
Alex Youe
Alec Hohnadel burnout
Alec Hohnadell
Alec Hohnadel
Alec Hohnadell
Alex Big Smoke
Alex Youe
Alex Burn out 2
Alex Youe
Alex Burnout (2)
Alex Youe
Alex Burnout
Alex Youe

Euharlee Covered Bridge

Nestled in north west Georgia and roughly 12 miles from my childhood home is the small town of Euharlee. If not for Plant Bowen, a Georgia Power coal-fired plant that supplies the southeastern power grid with invaluable amounts of power, the town would remain largely unknown to a vast majority of people, even though the town is full of rich history and is home to an awesome covered bridge. Along side the bridge are the remnants of Burge’s Mill which was constructed on Euharlee Creek in the 1800s. The bridge was erected in 1886 after the old bridge was washed away, uses a build style known as lattices and trunnels, and spans 138 feet. It was used up until 1980 when a new two lane bridge was built to allow traffic to traverse over the creek. It is now a historical land mark and, according to, is registered as the oldest standing covered bridge in the state of Georgia.

I decided to spend a morning out at the bridge and the creek under the historical site to experiment with the light of the rising sun on a late summer Monday. I hadn’t been to the bridge since high school and had only passed through Euharlee on the rare random drives that lead me through the reaches of Bartow County. Spending a morning in such a sleepy southern town was like home and reminded me of what small town Georgia could really feel like.

Long, angled beams make up for the lattice portion of the construction.
Thick wood trunnels hold them in place.
Well weathered drift wood hangs in the shallow waters of Euharlee creek
Ivy can be spotted clinging to the bridge supports.


Late summer dew clings to the railing
Sunrise light at the end of the bridge
Pleasant graffiti
Mill Ruins
Euharlee Creek has a slow but steady flow
The sun rises above the bridge
Rock of solitude, rising above the rapids
Lattice construction
A tree lazily leans over the creek


There are also a few historical buildings on site and nearby, as well as a few options for food. It’s well worth a trip out to see the oldest covered bridge in the state of Georgia and to get a taste for small town southern living.





Jenna’s Portfolio Photos 7-3-2015

Local up and coming actress Jenna Garrett needed some fresh, up to date shots for her portfolio and when she reached out, I was thrilled to help. Shooting with Jenna is always a pleasure. Her upbeat attitude and quirky personality beam through at every moment and she is unafraid to be a ham if it means getting the right shot. Every shoot wields a multitude of beautiful photos that encompass all of the edges of her personality, from her serious side to the side that gets excited about the littlest of life’s treasures.

whispy green wm

bench close wm

bench full wm

Bench look away wm

Black top close up WM

chapel close standing wm

chapel close wm

chapel seated wm

close green wm

flowers close vin wm

Open door wm

red black dumb face wm

Stairs full WM

swing lean wm

train close wm

tree ap5 wm


Bunch Wedding 7-18-2015

It was not only an honor but also a privilege to be a part of this lovely couple’s big day. These two are some of the most laid back, friendly people anyone could ever hope to meet, and their wedding was a lovely day that felt perfectly composed without giving the impression of being nailed to a strict schedule. The rustic decorations complimented the couple’s quiet lifestyle and the quaint church provided a perfect arena encompassing the beauty of small town southern grace. The bride and groom said their “I do’s” with the support of their families and friends by their sides and enjoyed an intimate reception outdoors.

Table Decor WM

Bouquets WM

Bride and groom Full WM

Boutineer WM

Bride and Maid of Honor Smooch WM

Cake Topper WM

Bridesmaid and Bride WM
Coozie and Quilt WM

Date Table WM

First Kiss WM


MR MRS Chairs WM

Rings on hands WM

Showing Leg WM

Seating Sign WM

Rings on Pillow WM


Bride with Bridesmaids Shoulders WM


Connor and Stephanie 4-26-2015

Back in April I had the pleasure of finally getting to take some updated photos of this kiddo.  Watching his hard working, nurturing mom instill great values into her little one since day one has been inspiring and amazing. Of course, her son being so cute doesn’t hurt anything, either.

These photos were shot on her mother’s farm on a warm spring afternoon and they couldn’t have come out any sweeter.