Cumberland Island

One of my favorite places to visit to feel completely disconnected is Cumberland Island. I had been reading about the island while seeing all the pictures of the Dungeness remains and the wild horses and instantly knew that during our trip to St Marys, Georgia we were going to hop on the ferry to the island. We picked a day and headed to the ticket office for the first trip out. It was an overcast morning, sticky with southern humidity despite being September, but there was also a nice breeze bringing the clouds in and out. Once on the boat we saw lots of gulls snatching fish out of the water, waiting for the turbulence from the engines to stir up a good snack, and a few egrets in the marshy areas, popping out along the grass like bright stars on a dark night.

After docking, we were greeted by park staff who gave us a briefing on the relevant information for the days journey, such as beach closings and stern warnings not to pet the wild horses. From there, we were free to explore the island at our own pace. We were lucky enough to have a small group traveling to the island with us, and only saw people on the paths a few times, else we were mostly alone; just us, the horses and turkeys, wild and free.

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