Georgia Aquarium- April 2019

We took an anniversary trip to the Georgia Aquarium and I snapped a few pictures. The Georgia Aquarium is expansive and houses some awesome large tanks with breathtaking views. You can see anything from puffins and penguins to whale sharks and anemones. And, coming soon, there will be other large sharks to feast your eyes upon. 1206-2019-1204627381062106613421206-2019-1204789379271143737541206-2019-1201776381633601099141206-2019-1212207378145329337451206-2019-1213113378154387110881206-2019-1213517378158423852021206-2019-1212979382345631693131206-2019-1215010378173360754621206-2019-1218805380611309432861206-2019-1215850384174343667441206-2019-1219261382408453439461206-2019-1221016380633417620351206-2019-1221868380641943314621206-2019-1223472380657973885441206-2019-1223561380658864012011206-2019-1225614383671975837421206-2019-1231244381928275694861206-2019-1232070383736538181671206-2019-1236625381982089967751206-2019-1239872380221973551241206-2019-1239979380223044293941206-2019-1240171379624972066051206-2019-1242927380252528339251206-2019-125157238213155761926

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I enjoy writing, photography, and working in my kitchen. I have a bold personality, a love for dogs, an astonishing lack of fear of judgement and a strong no-hogwash policy. If you love photos of moments captured that share them as they are, imperfections and their raw beauty on display, you have found the right site.

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