Jenna’s Portfolio Photos 7-3-2015

Local up and coming actress Jenna Garrett needed some fresh, up to date shots for her portfolio and when she reached out, I was thrilled to help. Shooting with Jenna is always a pleasure. Her upbeat attitude and quirky personality beam through at every moment and she is unafraid to be a ham if it means getting the right shot. Every shoot wields a multitude of beautiful photos that encompass all of the edges of her personality, from her serious side to the side that gets excited about the littlest of life’s treasures.

whispy green wm

bench close wm

bench full wm

Bench look away wm

Black top close up WM

chapel close standing wm

chapel seated wm

flowers close vin wm

Open door wm

red black dumb face wm

Stairs full WM

swing lean wm

train close wm

Published by kproctorphoto

I enjoy writing, photography, and working in my kitchen. I have a bold personality, a love for dogs, an astonishing lack of fear of judgement and a strong no-hogwash policy. If you love photos of moments captured that share them as they are, imperfections and their raw beauty on display, you have found the right site.

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